Use Facebook As An Online Marketing Tool


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Should you use Facebook as your online marketing tool? The answer to that is a big fat hell YEAH. I teach my team to start out with one to two social media platforms to use to start their online marketing venture and the first one I teach and use is Facebook, to learn it and master it. Facebook is the number one I repeat number one social media tool out there. Why would you not use it, there are 1 billion people on Facebook every day, think of a niche any niche and I bet to you there are hundreds if not thousands if not millions of people using or in that same niche.

If you are in online marketing for instance I can almost guarantee you that there are going to be thousands of people in the online marketing niche whether it be affiliate marketing ,a blog in the and in the thousands of groups that Facebook has involving online marketing.. Why would you not want to tap into that market and as they say in the military it is a target rich environment. If you master the techniques of Facebook you can definitely get your message out for free. Imagine the return on investment one sale puts you in the black how can you beat that.

You can tie your Facebook profile or fan page into any form of marketing whether it be your blog or email or email marketing. How many times have you heard the phrase “I saw you on Facebook”, if the mastery is put to good use that is a phrase you are going to hear over and over and over again. Not just with online marketing any niche out there the technique can be used in the health market, fitness market, dog training even writing cookbooks whatever you choose there are people out there that are willing to buy from you.

Are you willing to learn how to use the number one venue on the planet for getting your message out? Are you willing to take the plunge and learn the mastery of Facebook? If you found any value in this piece in this piece please leave a comment below like and share.

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