Ways On Creating A Brand Or Brand Identity For Yourself


Ways On Creating A brand\Brand Identity For Yourself.

Ok let’s talk about ways of creating a brand and  why it is important to brand yourself. Are you invisible to the online world because without creating a brand or brand identity for yourself you definitely are. Think about your typical six seven-figure earners do you know them by name or by the company they represent? I bet you nine out of 10 times better recognize them by their names and that is why you choose to join in their respective business opportunity.

Let’s look at the importance of creating a brand identity for yourself, people join people.

Not the business opportunities you have to offer, people must  first like and trust you before you’re ever going to get them to join whatever business opportunity you have to offer. You need to start creating a brand ,try to get  your name out there. I teach my team to choose one to two platforms. My favorite is Facebook others use YouTube or Instagram whichever one you choose to use be prolific at it.

If you’re using Facebook try to make 3 to 4 posted day, not using your company link but your name preferably a picture and if you using a blog redirect to your blog or fan page. The more ways you can put your name or your brand out there the more recognition you going to get and engagement on your posts. You want to become a person of authority that people will be attracted to you and want to learn from you. You want to comment and like as many other people’s posts as you can so that people will see that you are commenting on their posts. Thus giving your name more recognition which will improve your edge rank on Facebook.
Creating a brand while building recognition can take a while but is well worth the effort because once people like and trust you and see that you are person of authority in your field the rewards are enormous. First you have to have a blueprint and a plan to help structure your brand.

If you found any kind of value in this post I encourage you to click the link below and get a hold of the five-step blueprint that many of the six seven-figure earners you see online have and are using to develop their brand.

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creating a brand




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